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Workforce Investment Areas

There are 22 Workforce Investment Areas in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


Special Interest Story:

For the past two years, Wyatt W. has had but one goal:  to successfully follow his sister into the Air Force as an MP.  Wyatt had all the physical tools needed to complete his dream, and he encountered only one obstacle:  obtaining his GED.

Wyatt reached out to RWS at the Alle-Kiski CareerLink [AKCL] for help regarding this piece of the puzzle.  Pre-testing scores earned on his first day indicated that Wyatt was highly capable in the reading disciplines, but needed to focus on improving his math ability.  Wyatt made the commitment and was soon attending class every day.

At first, he encountered smooth sailing.  In rapid order, Wyatt successfully completed the Social Studies, Science, and Language Elements of the GED, and was ready to tackle his old nemesis.  The staff at RWS redoubled its efforts to help him reach his goal.  

His next 3 test scores were agonizingly close to earning his GED, but did not reach the benchmark.  Twice, Wyatt missed attaining his goal by a single point!  After his third try, he was mandated to wait 60 days before he could make another attempt.  As 2018 drew to a close, Wyatt’s dreams were not fulfilled.

During those 60 days, however, neither Wyatt’s nor RWS’ resolve waned.  While waiting, Wyatt successful passed the pretesting required by the Air Force.  And between the staff at RWS and his grandmother, Wyatt was able to outreach to a local tutoring center.  By the end of March, Wyatt was ready and confident to make another attempt.

On Friday, March 29, two very anxious people awaited the results of his latest math test:  the GED  instructor at RWS and Wyatt himself.  Neither had to wait long; Wyatt had easily passed his latest attempt, and had earned his GED.  He was ResCare’s 51st person to do so in the last 2 years.  When RWS contacted his grandmother with the good news, she broke into joyful tears.  Wyatt’s dream of joining the Air Force can now be reached.  After a summer spent landscaping so that he can get into great physical condition, Wyatt plans to fulfill his goal in September