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Quick Fact


The Employment, Advancement and Retention Network (EARN)program consists of two components which are the Career Development Component (CDC) and the Work Support Component (WSC). The CDC design focuses mainly activities such as unsubsidized employment, subsidized employment, on-the-job training, work experience, community service providing child care services to individuals in community service, job search, job readiness and vocational skills training.

Activities provided in the WSC design are job search and job readiness assistance, subsidized employment and unsubsidized employment.


FAQ 1.  What the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and workforce development are, and what they are intended to accomplish.

Federal Legislation that empowers business led Boards to build a workforce system that
provides "a worker for every job and a job for every worker".

FAQ 2. What the Workforce Investment Board is and its leadership role in workforce development.

FAQ 2.  A business, education and community Board that is empowered to lead workforce
development activities in Westmoreland, Fayette County.

Major Committees include:
1. Executive Committee
2. CareerLink
3. Marketing & Government Affairs Committee - Meets to promote the Workforce Investment
Board and the CareerLinks ("One-Stops").

FAQ 3. The vision of the workforce development system and the mission of the WIB.

FAQ 3.  As the leading change agent for workforce development, the Westmoreland-Fayette WIB's
mission is to identify and address gaps in the workforce resources of the counties it serves and
to build relationships with employers, educators, economic development committees, and/or
elected officials in order to facilitate a cooperative effort to meet these needs.

FAQ 4. What the CareerLink system and Centers are; who can get service, where they are, what major services are offered.

A5. The CareerLinks are a "One-Stop" center, providing career and workforce development services
to employers and job-seekers.

CareerLink Locations:
1. Westmoreland Careerlink
    151 Pavilion Lane
    Greensburg, PA 15601

2. Alle-Liski CareerLink
    1150 5th Avenue
    New Kensington, PA 15068

3. Fayette CareerLink
    112 Commonwealth Drive
    Lemont Furnace, PA  15456

FAQ 5. Who the workforce development and CareerLink Partners are.

A6. Workforce Development Boards are made up of Business, Labor, Education Providers,
Economic Development, Community Action Agencies, Welfare Programs, Department of Labor
& Industry representatives, State Center Operators, and Rehabilitation agencies required by
legislation to participate in the One-Stop.

FAQ 6. Why the individual members are on the Board.

The members on the Board are advocates for the job seekers and employers. They have made a commitment to stimulate job growth through training, work with educators, work on transportation issues, be accountable for the monies spent for job training and to work with businesses to explore industry retention activities.