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The Employment, Advancement and Retention Network (EARN)program consists of two components which are the Career Development Component (CDC) and the Work Support Component (WSC). The CDC design focuses mainly activities such as unsubsidized employment, subsidized employment, on-the-job training, work experience, community service providing child care services to individuals in community service, job search, job readiness and vocational skills training.

Activities provided in the WSC design are job search and job readiness assistance, subsidized employment and unsubsidized employment.



On July 22, 2014, President Barack Obama signed the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) into law, a bipartisan and bicameral piece of legislation that reauthorizes federal workforce development and job training programs.
The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), is the nation’s largest single source of federal funding for workforce development activities. The passage of WIOA legislation authorizes Congress to fund federal workforce programs between fiscal years 2015-2020.
WIOA streamlines programs, strengthens the emphasis on serving local employers, increases the transparency of training providers, and creates more consistent performance accountability standards.  
In Pennsylvania, the Workforce Development Board (WDB) oversees 22 local WDBs that represent all of the 67 counties throughout the commonwealth.
Each Workforce Investment Area is administered by a WDB. The Westmoreland-Fayette WDB has 29 members, each of whom are appointed by their home county’s board of commissioners. Incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the WDB’s membership includes representatives from community-based organizations, economic development agencies, education, labor, and public-sector partners. More than half of the board’s members, at both the state and local levels, as well as the board chair, must come from the private sector.
The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act prohibits WDBs from directly providing services to businesses, workers and job seekers. These services are provided at the one-stop service delivery centers that are overseen by the WDBs. In Pennsylvania, these centers are called PA CareerLink®.
The Westmoreland-Fayette area has three Careerlinks:  one in Lemont Furnace, Fayette County; another on the campus of Westmoreland County Community College in Youngwood; and a third in New Kensington, Westmoreland County.
The PA CareerLink® centers offer a wide range of services to employed and unemployed adults who are seeking a job or job training, as well as to businesses that are seeking new employees or training for current employees. These services are provided by employees of one of the federal, state or local agencies that are partners in the one-stop center. Some of these partners are mandated by the commonwealth to be housed at the CareerLinks, while others are contracted by the WIB to provide their services.
The WDB sets the performance measures that must be met by the PA CareerLink® partners. In addition to selecting the one-stop operator and overseeing its operation, the WDB is also responsible for negotiating performance measures with the Local Elected Officials and the governor, assisting in developing a statewide employment statistics system, coordinating activities with economic development agencies and employers, and identifying eligible providers of training services and youth activities.